The Window of Modern Art

WoMA a 3 by 2 meter exhibition window that is refreshed with new art works regularly.

Kristiane Kegelmann


Kristiane Kegelmann

Thursday, 21.02. 2019 from 7 -9 pm

The artist Kristiane Kegelmann addresses the bipolar relationship between man and nature with her work as in the two sculptures. Areas of grease will fit in authoritative straightforward presets on the surface of the steel frame, only to transform themselves without any imposed force being able to put a stop to this process. The fat spreads out on the suction surface and blurs in organic forms on the outer casing of the sculptures, which previously served as a working sheet for the artist. Just let go and allow change. 

In parallel to the exhibition in the Window of Modern Art, Kristiane Kegelmann will be showing works as part of the duo exhibition at Galerie ROCKELMANN & PARTNER in the courtyard next door. The Gallery will be open during the evening of the 21st, so you are welcome to have a look at the exhibition.



Johanna Keimeyer

The Berlin based artist Johanna Keimeyer shows a sculpture entirely made of collected plastic. The sculpture consists of plastic packaging that penetrates a shell which is larger than life-size. A precious shell formed of polluting plastic materializes the drastic issue of destroying nature through garbage.

Johanna Keimeyer (born 1982) studied design and digital media at University of the Arts (UdK), Berlin, at TamaArt University Tokyo, and at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), USA and MIT Media Lab, Boston, USA.

Exhibition: September 26 - October 11
Vernissage: September 26   7pm

Photo by Tammy Shell



Fukt is an annual magazine for contemporary drawing, established in Trondheim, Norway in 1999 and based in Berlin since 2001. Founded by editor Björn Hegardt, the magazine has featured the likes of David Shrigley, Keith Haring, Tracey Emin, Raymond Pettibon, Louise Bourgeois and William Kentridge alongside new and exciting artists over its span of 16 issues. Ariane Spanier has been taking care about the design since 2006. She constantly pushed the aesthetic in a new direction. Issue 16 entitled The Sex Issue, features the work of 23 artistic positions focusing on erotic contemporary drawing.


Stini Röhrs

The photo and video artist Stini Röhrs showed a selection of her forest series "Waldungen" in four episodes. We even had a great Vernissage including a green Waldmeister drink for our guests.
Stini Röhrs, born in 1987, lives and works in Berlin.  Her focus is on photography and video works. In those she plays with social conventions, norms and absurdities, everyday life as well as the boundaries between staged and documentary photography. Her work has been showcased in exhibitions in New York City, Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Frankfurt a. M., Leipzig and Berlin i.a. .



Pakhom ishowed a four-edition-series of multi-part paintings on wooden panels. The paintings contain a combination of text and image referring to old Russian traditions using signs in an expressionistic, chaotic and seemingly nonsense way. Malzoff Gallery created a video the wonderful opening night — even WoMA’s Laura has a little guest appearance: